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  • Arthur Dorst

Personal medical preparedness in the modern era.

Once again tragedy has struck our nation. The reasons are many and there doesn't appear to be any one stop solutions or easy fixes to the causes of these violent and deadly incidents. As individuals we often shake our heads and say what can we do to prepare ourselves should we be involved in a violent encounter or mass casualty incident.

Living in New Jersey where the ability of the average citizen to obtain a concealed carry permit is for the most part nonexistent my top three recommendations as a former police officer, EMT, security provider and trainer are have a plan, get training, and get a kit.

Planning starts with having situational awareness. Situational awareness includes but is not limited to being alert for behavioral danger clues, knowing ingress/egress locations, having a communications plan for your group or family, a reunification location should you become separated, and probably most important in this day not having your head buried in your smartphone. You can't be aware of what is happening around you if your updating your status minute by minute.

Next I highly recommend obtaining basic medical skills. Knowing how to bridge the gap from the point and time of injury/illness until the arrival of emergency medical services (EMS), and being equipped to do so is essential to saving lives. Knowing how to apply a tourniquet, field dressing, secure the airway, and provide effective CPR are the basic skills every parent and person should have nowadays.

Once you have the skills the next step is to have the necessary gear with you should you be in a location where an incident occurs. It doesn't do any good to have your kit in the car, home, or office when something happens and the difference between life and death is counted in seconds and not minutes.

I'll be posting more in depth articles about this topic in the future. If you're interested in training related to emergency response to violent incidents, personal or group, security contact me for an appointment.